Educaline participated in the first business summit telecommunications in Tacna, Peru – Educaline
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19 May, 2017
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2 November, 2017

Educaline participated in the first business summit telecommunications in Tacna, Peru

In June, Educaline has participated as an exhibitor in the First Telecommunication Business Summit in Tacna. The event was made as a part of the Telecommunications working group’s activities, within the framework of the activities of the Forum of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). The APEC, groups 21 economies and Peru, is the host country for its various working groups during the year 2016.

At this Summit, Educaline showed the case of success in Peru, as a result of its more than two years of work in different regions of the country, working and training teachers in the use of ICT´s and bridging the digital divide through its projects.

This Business Summit, summoned entrepreneurs in the region, representatives of multinational telecommunications companies, as well as domestic and foreign authorities.

The participants and regional government authorities, showed interest in our product, being the only representative in Education área; a topic that is relevant to the region considering that Tacna has achieved important results of Census Student Assessment (ECE) tests in recent years, and it won the first place in 2015.

During the Summit, which brings together various thematic areas around the axis of technology, the exhibitors exposed subjects like: “Health and education accessible to all”, by the division of e-Health Business Telefónica; “4G technology” America Mobile S.A.C. (Claro Telecommunications); Japanese NEC Corporation introduced technological advances with an exhibition of smart cities, among other interesting topics for the region.