Two Million of students would access to digital educational tools throough Educaline-Telefonica Alliance – Educaline
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19 May, 2017
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2 November, 2017

Two Million of students would access to digital educational tools throough Educaline-Telefonica Alliance

Innovative pedagogical proposal impulses students learning through multimedia content and trains teachers in the use of digital tools.

The Spanish company Educaline has signed a collaboration agreement with Telefonica for the incorporation of digital content and educational solutions in schools of Peru. With this partnership, both institutions, have proposed benefiting two million of school students of our country in the next two years.

The Educaline collaboration will allow promoting the digital offer of Telefonica Grandes Empresas for the school education sector, by incorporating content on maths, physics, chemistry, biology, science and English. As part of this agreement, the two companies will also work together on several strategic initiatives to develop proposals to improve the national education system.

This educational system empowers teachers through training and digital tools and offers to the students an enriching and motivating experience through videos, activities and multimedia simulators.

“Education is not unconnected to the digital revolution that is living the world. With this technology, we seek to improve the conditions of education in the country and for the Peruvians, wherever they are”, said José Olaechea, Commercial Manager of Telefonica Grandes Empresas. Meanwhile, Miguel Angel Temprano, Director General of Educaline, said that “previous experience have shown us that the use of these teaching tools, improve academic results, and these are measurable from the first year.”

In this way, Telefónica contributes to developing innovative initiatives of digital services, to be an ‘OnLife Telco’, a company that promotes connections of life for people allowing them to choose a world of infinite possibilities.

About Telefónica

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. It is present in 20 countries and has more than 341 million customers worldwide. It relies on the best fixed, mobile and broadband networks. As well, offers an innovative range of digital services, to be an ‘OnLife Telco’, a company that promotes connections of life for people to choose a world of endless possibilities. Telefonica has 20 years, growing with Peru. Operates, commercially, under the Movistar brand and has over 22 million users.

Since the Telefónica Group started operations in Peru, it has invested more than S /. 28,000 PEN million in telecommunications infrastructure, to get more communication among Peruvians and has paid more than S /. 16,400 PEN million in income tax and IGV, becoming in one of the main contributors to the country.

From initiatives such as Telefonica Foundation, Wayra, ConectaRSE para crecer, Juntos para transformar, Somos Grau, Reciclame, among others, and projects to expand the Broadband Satellite and Ande’s Optic Fibre coverage and the deployment of the Movistar 4G LTE network, among others; Telefonica impulses the digital revolution in the country.


About Educaline Peru

Educaline is a digital publisher that develops educational content for basic and secondary education.

The multinational has the largest base of users of digital resources worldwide, in Spanish. With an investment of more than US $/1.5 million in the country, benefits hundreds of thousands of users. Educaline is active in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Paraguay and Bolivia.

In addition, it has offices in UK, Spain, and Hong Kong. The company has just introduced the newest solution in the world that allows a full experience in environments without Internet Access. This technology provides access to information in places located far from urban centers. With 300,000 licenses distributed in Peru between 2014 and 2015, Educaline benefits thousands of teachers directly with their teacher training program.