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Educaline is a digital publisher that produces and distributes curricular interactive content for the educational market, primarily for K12 levels. In our commitment for education equality and innovation, we aim to aid improving academic results, to promote bilingual learning and to empower teachers in learning to apply new technologies to their practices.

Level of improvement according to teachers

99% of the teachers believe that their students improve their learning, with a 66% of the total considering it is a “substantial” increase

Level of improvement according to students

98% of the students consider that the use of Educaline Tools helps them in their education

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We provide the teacher

Thousands of resources

Videos, animations, illustrations, slides,
simulators, tests, quizzes and much more

More than just a collection of screens

Educaline provides the largest and most comprehensive repository of digital interactive contents in the world, specially designed to work in all situations. All the educational items are aligned to educational curricula and designed for ages between 8 and 19 years.

Adaptable to new pedagogical approaches, each lesson is composed of several videos, simulators, games, illustrations, diagrams, interactive maps and multiple activities.

Our courses

Educaline has a wide range of digital content for primary and secondary school, in Science, Mathematics, Geography, History, Language and English.

All the courses are aligned to the national curriculum of the educational system and available in both Spanish and English, providing a bilingual education.

Works on every digital device

html5_icoWe know that schools have varied and limited resources, so, our lessons are made in HTML5 technology, which together with our platform and Apps for Windows and Android, allow the highest compatibility, in all environments.

Without access restrictions

Internet facilitates many things, but when the connection is limited, becomes a serious limitation.

That is why in Educaline we have designed a system together with Intel® to ensure that schools have access to our platform, with unrestricted access or limitations, at all times.

Educaline is present in Spanish-speaking areas, such as Spain and Latin America, with offices in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Spain and the UK.


To Educaline, the best reward and what gives more value to our work is what teachers and students have to say.

teacher testimonies

teacher testimonies

Students testimonies

2 November, 2017
Charlando con docentes en Junín

Educaline reaffirms its commitment to strengthening Education in Peru

Peru.- With the commitment to empower the role of the teacher and incentivate the development of digital competences in the classroom, Educaline Peru participated in the […]
19 May, 2017
Firma del acuerdo entre Educaline y el UNCEP

EducaLine brings latest Technology to schools in Panamá

Agreement signed between Educaline and UNCEP Since the earliest days of May, Educaline Panama has been working on a joint project with UNCEP (National Union of […]
19 May, 2017

Educaline participated in the first business summit telecommunications in Tacna, Peru

In June, Educaline has participated as an exhibitor in the First Telecommunication Business Summit in Tacna. The event was made as a part of the Telecommunications […]