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Thousands of private schools benefit of digital content with alliance CNEP – Educaline

Lic. Ma. De Jesús Zamarripa de la CNEP y Miguel Ángel Temprano, CEO de Educaline, con el convenio en sus manos.

Mexico, march 17th 2017.- The multinational Educaline has signed a collaboration agreement with the National Confederation of Private Schools (CNEP) for the incorporation of contents and digital educational solutions in schools in Mexico. With this alliance, both institutions plan on benefiting more than 3000 affiliated private schools, reaching thousands of teachers and students from private schools across the country.

The collaboration with Educaline facilitates and reduces the costs so that the associated schools can incorporate a broad and robust digital offer in the next school year. The offer of platform and curricular content covers Mathematics, Natural Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History and English.

As part of this agreement, a pilot that ratifies results anticipated by Educaline is being conducted, where 98% of students consider that the use of Educaline helps them in their learning, while 99% of teachers believe that students improve.

handshake between both presidents

Lic. Ma. De Jesús Zamarripa from the CNEP and Miguel Ángel Temprano, CEO of Educaline, marking the relationship between both institutions.

In the alliance, Educaline will support the CNEP in its task, its operations and the service to its academic community, affiliated institutions, managers, teachers and students.

“We must constantly look at the motive and the objectives of an integral formation, so we need a great capacity to make it possible. Therefore, this agreement is proof of the effort which adds up to the solidarity work”, said Ma. De Jesus Zamarripa, President of the CNEP. On the other hand, Miguel Ángel Temprano, CEO of Educaline, said: “The motivation that is achieved by training teachers and integrating them into a comprehensive system where students work with the same tools they use outside the classroom, such as cell phones or computers, achieve a visible increase in the quantitative and qualitative results during single course”.

Signing of the agreement between both representatives

Lic. Ma. De Jesús Zamarripa, from the CNEP and Miguel Ángel Temprano, CEO of Educaline, signing the document.