Educaline’s CEO: “Education in Peru must take the final step to digital” – Educaline
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4 July, 2015
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Educaline’s CEO: “Education in Peru must take the final step to digital”

News in the Daily Correo, Peru.

Miguel Angel Temprano, tells us about the experience of the publishing digital content Educaline in Peru, and throughout Latin America.

August 27, 2015, | Cusco – The education in Peru and in all its provinces, doesn’t show a dramatic breakthrough, on the contrary, rates of reading comprehension, math skills, and others, increasingly show us discouraging numbers.

Against this outdated education system, Educaline appears, a multinational digital content publisher, that is already working in several Latin American countries, ours included.

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“Educaline is a publisher of digital content in full expansion in Latin America. With cutting-edge products and best practices, we provide a full educational learning experience in primary and secondary schools, we also offer a method of implementation, and training teachers, which it has tested in thousands of schools” quotes Miguel Angel Temprano, Educaline’s CEO.

Miguel Angel also refers that happily, Peru has realized the great change that needs to be done in education, and it put itself on a par with Mexico, Colombia, and Chile, where already were carrying on this kind of innovative experiences in education, through the implementation of new educational and digital tools.


“Educaline brings multimedia content to classrooms, where before teachers taught with old and old-fashioned methods, now it have available infinite educational material available to the students and teachers. Why if children now dominate computers, smartphones and tablets, have to go to schools and encounter that these are not going in that line? We propose the use of all the tools that the technology gives us to become the education in a simple, fast and fun task” refers Miguel Angel.

To conclude, the representative of the company, quotes us, that he trust that all the authorities in education, regional governors, and others, bet on change, innovation, and technology … “If all areas of our lives change and improve, why not to do it with education”, he concludes.