Educaline in BETT Mexico 2015 – Educaline
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19 May, 2017
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Educaline reaffirms its commitment to strengthening Education in Peru
2 November, 2017

Educaline in BETT Mexico 2015

In the last October Educaline participated in the summit of leaders in education, Bett Latin America.

In this two-day event, educaLine received dozens of visitors very remarkable in the educational and administrative level, interested in its offer and its project in Peru. In addition, Miguel Angel Temprano, EducaLine CEO, gave a presentation to all attendees, “Transforming the future of education in Latin America: The teacher as the protagonist of change.”

“We wanted to show that in countries like ours, was possible to raise the basic pillars for educational change as radical as Singapore has done.”

“We had to prove that our product, accompanied by our method, studied and improved for over ten years, was an efficient formula”

“Our experience has been that a teacher is a grateful person, to which is demanding a radical change in their way of working and all, without having formed practically.”

“I must tell you that the results were more than encouraging. The 98% of teachers stated that their students improved qualifications, the 96% of teachers value the usefulness of the training program and support, and interestingly, the 70% said that spent less time to prepare the class comparing to the time before they used Educaline”.