Thousands of private schools benefit of digital content with alliance CNEP – Educaline
28 March, 2017
Students learn more with technology
19 May, 2017

Students and teachers from more than 70 schools in the province of Cusco, Peru, start using Educaline


Thanks to the agreement signed between the Regional Government of Cusco and Educaline, thousands of students in primary and secondary schools in the region can learn math and CTA with interactive digital content, and hundreds of teachers will be trained by Educaline in the use of educational technologies and teaching strategies innovative.

René Concha Lezama, Regional President of Cusco, very satisfied with the project, which has already started in 79 schools in the province of Cusco and which have trained 120 teachers, said: “This agreement fits an important aspect in the development of people: without education, without ideas, without concepts, there is not growth. ”

Teachers and students talk about the benefits of using Educaline in the classroom:
“We learn easier in an audio-visually way. It is dynamic, we see situations from real life, there are activities … “(Adriana Gabriela Caceres Licona. E. I. Student at Our Lady of Fatima, in Cusco)

“It makes more interactive a classroom session and kids learn better because it is an audiovisual learning.” (Maria Alicia Rios Baca. Teaching in the I. E. Virgin of Fatima in Cusco).

“I am very happy to apply this system […] is a very important at this time when education has to be intruded with technology and that children can get involved with internet opportunity.” (Erika Lira. Teaching in IE Fe and Joy, in Cusco)

“Educaline will provide us more work tools to the teachers, so we can actually improve our education” (Ludwig Hosmar Lopez. Academic coordinator in I. E. Khipu in Cusco).