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28 March, 2017
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19 May, 2017

Educaline is installed in Latin America

Equipo de Educaline en la sede de la empresa.

In less than two years, Educaline has been successfully installed in several Latin American countries, delivering hundreds of thousands of licenses its digital educational content.

In Colombia, the government has begun distributing 835,000 tablets with content Educaline, and in Peru, has also begun delivering licenses and teacher training that will materialize in more than 200,000 licenses of digital content for students in the country and the training more than 4,000 teachers in many provinces.

Countries like Chile, Ecuador and mainly Mexico, are the next steps for Educaline to bring the best digital content to students and teachers in Latin America.

“All the indicators place Spanish students among the less educated in Europe, and many people interpreted as a need for more teachers, but it is not; we need to adapt the education system to the reality, and be conscious that, today, we need work with new technologies, and it is logical to use them to study.

The educational system has not changed since the industrial revolution, and the future advances toward personalized teaching”, say firmly Miguel Angel Temprano, CEO of Educaline, riojano capital company specialized in the development of digital educational content,company that has become in the Spanish world’s leading producer. So, this evangelist convinced  about the virtues offered by new technologies for innovation in education, warns that global implementation is just a matter of time and “we just have to decide where we want to be caught by the wave, at the beginning or at the end”.

Although Educaline was founded in Logroño a decade ago, it was not until three years ago when Temprano took control of the firm, when he landed on the riojano’s investment fund company, Orfeo XXI. And then, he did not hesitate to direct the helm of the company, to drive  it to the market considered with the greatest number of potential customers: Latin America.

A strategic commitment to internationalization, largely adopted, by the difficult situation in the sector in Spain. Therefore, since 2011, Educaline has directed almost all its steps towards the American continent, although it has never renounced the space achieved in Spain, where it maintains its headquarters in Logroño, La Rioja capital. Not surprisingly, the Ministry of Education has awarded to Educaline, the Hallmark School 2.0, and this year has reached an agreement with Telefonica to distribute their content in Spain and has signed agreements with the governments of Cantabria and Castilla and Leon to incorporate their content in public schools.

The time has finished giving the reason to Temprano. And against the skepticism in this area of Spain, Educaline has found immense receptivity in the Americas, where in just two years the company has invested 13 million euros and has formalized agreements with the educational authorities of half a dozen countries, that will become in the highest number of licenses ever delivered in Latin America.

The Government of Colombia has begun distributing 835,000 tablets Educaline content, and Peru has begun the deployment of a plan that involves the delivery of 230,000 licenses until March 2015. In addition, the company is present in Paraguay; It plans to enter Chile and Ecuador, and has moved the command of its Latin American division, to Mexico at the prospect of rapid growth in that country.

Recently, Educaline has launched in Colombia a “content factory”, a production center where 25 technicians are working on the development of educational materials. And with the aim of optimizing the use of their educational content, the company has opted to train in Latin America teachers in technical and pedagogical skills of using ICT in the classroom. Only in Peru, are being trained 4,200 teachers, although their goal is to do in all countries of the region.

The Educaline CEO attributes this good welcome to the “quality and attractiveness” of their products and explains that, “we simply do not transfer paper textbooks, to the electronic content, but exercises are made, tokens, interactive games, videos and even a program where students can correct their own exercises.

All this in two languages, Spanish and English in subjects such as science, mathematics, language, and philosophy, for students from elementary to high school.

The ease of use will allow easy and progressive development in student learning. “A perception supported by the data, since research educational use of digital content Educaline was developed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona during the 2011-2012, in 23 schools of compulsory primary and secondary classes, who applied in their classes various materials of the company from Rioja, concluded that more than 90% of teachers think that these resources enhance understanding, attention, and involvement of students, providing a methodological renewal-oriented educational innovation.

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