Thousands of private schools benefit of digital content with alliance CNEP – Educaline
28 March, 2017
Huancayo, Peru, modernizes their classrooms with the collaboration of Educaline
19 May, 2017

Educational Corporation Khipu in Peru, can now enjoy Educaline’s digital content in their classrooms

Thanks to the agreement signed between the educational Khipu Corporation in Peru, and Educaline many students will benefit from the use of digital educational content of Science and Mathematics until finished 2015.

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All the technology in the service of education, the most diverse digital educational resources thanks to an agreement signed in June between Khipu Corporation and the Spanish company Educaline, which will benefit students until 2015.

The benefit is given in the areas of maths for fourth, fifth and sixth grade and Science Technology and Environment for students from first to fifth high school, who can access educational resources containing designed interactive activities according to the curriculum national, training teachers and free use of licenses.

These resources are accessible from the PC, tablet, and laptop, and contain more than a thousand lessons and activities, more than 9,000 music videos, more than 100 thousand interactive activities, more than 2,000 illustrations, 1600 simulations of experiments and games.

In the same June, the Khipu Corporation also promoted the signing of an agreement with the Regional Government of Cusco, extending this benefit with the use of free licenses in 34 national schools that were focalized.