Educaline reachs 30,000 students and teachers in Junín, Peru – Educaline
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Educaline reachs 30,000 students and teachers in Junín, Peru

Thanks to the agreement reached between Educaline and the Regional Government of Junin in Peru, more than 30,000 people between teachers and students can use for free, for a year of interactive digital content Educaline and will have training in innovative methodologies for the classroom.

Read the news in the newspaper ‘Primicia”, Huancayo

Huancayo, November 22th. The Regional Government of Junin signed an agreement with an international digital publisher to distribute curriculum content and methodology for the integration of information and communications technology tools in the classroom, it was reported.

This agreement with the Spanish publisher Educaline, will benefit 30,000 teachers and students in primary and secondary schools in the province of Huancayo, who will have the opportunity to train and take part of a new and innovative education system, implemented several years ago in Europe.

Junin region, is the ninth province that has signed this agreement, which aims to introduce new ways of transmitting learning through interactive digital content in the sciences, such as maths, physics, chemistry, biology, science and English.

About this agreement the regional manager for Social Development, Rita Avendano Pando thanked the publisher for this contribution in favor of education, as these students and teachers will receive training for free for one year.

The director of the UGEL Huancayo, Hector Melchor Chavez, said these efforts will be coordinated to focusing the working group that will benefit, with new online and offline teachings.

The event was attended by representatives of Educaline, Javier Perez from Spain, and Jose Castro Flores, Coordinator in Peru; Regional Vice President of Junin, Lucinda Quispealaya Salvatierra, and other officials of the Regional Government.