Educaline presents in Perú the success of its educational implementation – Educaline
Thousands of private schools benefit of digital content with alliance CNEP – Educaline
28 March, 2017
Several educational institutions of Peru has been recognized as a case of national success in the implementation of Educaline
19 May, 2017

Educaline presents in Perú the success of its educational implementation

Today in an event in Lima Perú, Educaline presents the enormous success of the implementation of its digital educational content in many schools in the country.

In that event, we have the presence of personalities from the political and educational field and the Delegation of the Latin American Institute for Educational Communication (ILCE), the cornerstone in promoting cutting-edge educational projects in Latin America.

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In 2014, nine regional governments signed an agreement with the multinational group Educaline, Spanish institution that is dedicated to the production and editing of digital content for school education, which has more than 10 years of experience in training e-Learning and recognized with the European Seal of Excellence in the European Multimedia Forum.

In Latin America, Educaline has spent two years in Colombia, and in 2014 has been implemented successfully its program in Peru, it has assigned more than two hundred thousand free digital licenses for teachers and students of educational institutions in the regions of Apurimac, Ayacucho, Cusco, Huancavelica , Huanuco, Ica, Junín, Lima Province and Loreto.

As specialists in educational technologies from various regional governments and regional education have highlighted, Educaline can benefit thousands of teachers and students who develop and strengthen their essential skills they need to function successfully in the XXI century.

Similarly, the Latin American Institute for Educational Communication (ILCE), which proposes, articulates and promotes initiatives and projects of educational communication vanguard that contribute to the formulation of better educational policies in Latin America and the Caribbean (the Peru which is not yet part), now incorporates Educaline as a proposal that meets the needs of promoting interactive and meaningful learning for much Latin countries.

Therefore, the 14th of this month, from 10:00 am, it will take place in the city of Huacho, an international event of submission and verification of the successful experiences of implementing Educaline, in two educational institutions: 20318 José Antonio Macnamara and Nuestra Señora de Fatima. The same that will be evaluated and verified by the Latin American Institute for Educational Communication (ILCE), the delegation of the Ministry of Education of Mexico, the delegation of the Council of Ministers of Mexico and Latin American authorities and the Educaline Spanish group.

This evaluation will serve for these delegations to adopt the Educaline’s model implementation of the city of Huacho and Andahuasi to replicate in all Mexican schools.

It will be attended by the delegation of ILCE; Educaline’s, National Director of Peru, Jose Antonio Castro Flores; Educaline’s Director of Latin America, Javier Perez; and the CEO, Miguel Angel Temprano, also, the Regional Director of Education, Jorge Alberto Palomino Way; President of the Regional Government of Lima, Nelson Chui Mejía and Congressman of the Republic, Wilder Ruiz Loayza.