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19 May, 2017

Educational Corporation Khipu in Peru, can now enjoy Educaline’s digital content in their classrooms

Thanks to the agreement signed between the educational Khipu Corporation in Peru, and Educaline many students will benefit from the use of digital educational content of […]
19 May, 2017

Students and teachers from more than 70 schools in the province of Cusco, Peru, start using Educaline

Cusco. Thanks to the agreement signed between the Regional Government of Cusco and Educaline, thousands of students in primary and secondary schools in the region can […]
19 May, 2017

School of Huancavelica, in Peru, improves  learning with digital educational content Educaline

During a press conference in San Cristobal School, in the region of Huancavelica (Peru), attended by education authorities and representatives of Educaline, it was presented the […]
19 May, 2017

Educaline reaches to hundreds of schools in Peru

Thanks to the agreements reached between Educaline and governments from different regions of Peru, thousands of students already use digital educational content from Educaline. Proof of […]
22 September, 2016

Educaline’s CEO: “Education in Peru must take the final step to digital”

News in the Daily Correo, Peru. Miguel Angel Temprano, tells us about the experience of the publishing digital content Educaline in Peru, and throughout Latin America. […]
4 July, 2015

Educaline delivers 200,000 digital content licenses in Peru

La Rioja, 17 Sep. (EUROPA PRESS) – The Spanish multinational publishing sector, Educaline, specialized in the production of digital educational content, will distribute 200,000 licenses of […]